Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheerleader Feet

CrackHo was at her favorite mid-chemo haunt th'other day (Fuzziwig's @ The Ave. in the EC) munching on some mini-Reeces cups and having a stroll. Almost dropped my melty mint nonpareils when I heard 2 teenaged boys tell a lovely teenaged girl:

"yeah you know she's got, like, cheerleader feet."

whaddya mean, she sez.

"like, they're so, like, pretty and all neat and stuff."

So THAT's the secret!!!! Sinnergirls, that's one thing we can ALL get down with: Cheerleader Feet. No cartwheels required. So, check out Diddy above enjoying the magic of Cheerleader Feet. Then, enjoy the Cheerleader Feet of Ryleigh's Aunt TooTall, Auntie CrackHo, BabyMamma and Ryleigh Coyote herself:

1 comment:

Black Canary Barbie said...

I am in love with all those feet! And crackie you know how perfect I think Ryleigh's feet are...well the rest of you sinnergirls' feet are right up there with hers.
PS girls I was holding the ryleigh up so her feet were in photo; didn't want you to think she was already standing on her own (although it wouldn't surprise me)!!